The Law and Economics of EU Innovation Procurement

Lecture organized by the Corvers-MSM Chair in Innovation Procurement
By: Professor Nicola Dimitri and Dr. Anne Rainville
Date: Monday, 20 March at 16:00
Function Hall, Maastricht School of Management, Endepolsdomein 150, Maastricht 6229 EP

Abstract. Over the last 10 years the EU has given a strong impulse to innovation procurement. Among others,  the EU has designed  several legal instruments that allow the public sector to stimulate private actors to develop  innovative solutions to meet a wide range of public sector needs. This lecture will  provide an overview of the economic, legal and practical considerations behind some of these  legal instruments.

More specifically, the lecture will discuss pre-commercial procurement (PCP), an approach to the procurement of R&D services introduced by a 2007 EC communication. PCP was designed with the aim to encourage public procurers to purchase R&D services that would speed up or prompt the emergence of innovative solutions to public sector needs.

Additionally, this lecture will analyse public procurement of innovation (PPI), which designates the procurement of near to market solutions which have moved beyond the R&D stage, but have not been diffused on a commercial scale in the market .

Finally, the innovation partnership, introduced by the recent 2014 directive, will be investigated and compared with PCP and PPI.  Together, this will give an overview of public sector motivations for choosing between these demand-side innovation instruments, and key considerations in their execution. Best practices will be suggested through relevant case studies, highlighting the potential of  PCP, PPI, and the innovation partnership to help satisfy public demand while influencing markets.

About the lecturers:
Nicola Dimitri holds the Corvers Chair in Innovation Procurement at MSM. He is also Professor of Economics at the University of Siena (Italy), Visiting Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IMT) Lucca (Italy) and Life Member of Clare Hall College (Cambridge-UK). He was formerly Deputy Rector of the University of Siena and Chair of the Economics Department. He has been Fulbright Student, Chevening Scholar, NATO-CNR and Fernand Braudel Fellow (EUI).

Anne Rainville is Research Fellow at MSM. She is also Management Consultant at Vtrek, a network organization offering expert services to help public agencies create value in their purchasing. She received her doctorate in 2016 from the Technical University Berlin with a grade of magna cum laude. Fully funded by Climate-KIC, her research focused on roles for standardization, collaboration, and intermediation in opening innovation procurement.

16:00: Opening and welcome, Professor Wim Naudé, Dean of MSM
16:10 The Corvers Chair Initiative: an overview, Mr. Stephan Corvers, Managing Director, Corvers & Commercial Affairs
16:20 Lecture: The Law and Economics of EU Innovation Procurement, Professor Nicola Dimitri and Dr. Anne Rainville
17:20 Q&A
18:00 Networking and refreshments

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About the Chair in Innovation Procurement
The Corvers-MSM Chair in Innovation Procurement was launched in October 2016. It builds up on the strong attention received in recent years by both Public Procurement and Innovation, as two fundamental drivers for growth and development, a point particularly stressed by the recent 2014 EU Public Procurement Directives. Indeed, since for example in the EU innovation procurement through public expenditure counts for about 18% of the GDP, with tight public finances procurements delivery of best value for money has become crucial for the public sector. Moreover, because of its size, innovation procurement is in a best position for promoting innovative solutions to enhance societal growth and welfare. Innovation procurement also plays a role in industrial policy – vital for creating and maintaining a competitively growing economy, and an area of concern in the EC and industrially lagging countries in Africa and Latin America in recent years.

The Corvers-MSM Chair in Innovation Procurement has since it inception been active in generation of a number of publications and public lecturers on the topic. Moreover, it has created and offers a flexible training programme in innovation procurement that is suitable for open enrollment as well as to be tailored to organizational needs. Recent clients include the Dutch Ministry of Defense and Het Waterschapshuis, which is supporting doctoral research in the field.

In this the Chair is deepening the expertise of Corvers Commercial and Legal Affairs,  a leading legal consultancy firm in the Benelux area, specialized in European public procurement law, innovation, IPR and contracting. Covers is consortium partner for the European Commission’s EAFIP initiative  ( on innovation procurement.


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