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In this last newsletter of 2022, we close off the year with sharing some good news. A team of MSM's Master in Management (MiM) and full-time MBA students again successfully participated in the national SDG-challenge by being awarded with the Audience Award and coming in fourth overall, out of 15. The MiM and full-time MBA students also go full speed ahead with their programme and completed their last modules before the holiday season. In this newsletter, you can read more about the student experiences in the Research Methods and Accounting for Managers modules. 

The last few weeks we also welcomed many international participants at the Maastricht University - MSM Tapijn campus for our Short Executive Programmes. Below you can read how participants of the Change Management, Strategic Leadership and Project Management programme benefitted from the lessons learned during the programme. Don't forget to have a look at the programmes coming up in the beginning of 2023 and the video about the Women Entrepreneurship Policy programme, starting in July 2023. 

In this newsletter, we also highlight some of the capacity development projects that are carried out by MSM's Expert Centre on Emerging Economies. MSM proudly contributed to economic growth and sustainable development through projects on Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in Ethiopia, Sustainable Peace and Economic Development in Colombia and Agricultural Vocational Education in Indonesia. 

For now, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2023! We look forward to another successful year and will keep you updated about MSM’s achievements as part of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. 

Meinhard Gans

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MSM team wins the national SDG-challenge Audience Award for second time in a row

On 8 December 2022, a team of MSM’s Master in Management and full-time MBA students successfully participated in the yearly national SDG-challenge. Not only did the team win the Audience Award, they also came in fourth overall. 

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Full-time MBA Accounting for Managers: Improving the quality of your decision making

“I now understand the core of Accounting and how critical it is to reach the next professional level. The knowledge gained also taught me how to improve the quality of my decision-making process.” This is what current full-time MBA student Alisher Jafarov said after completing the 4th module of the programme.

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Research Methods module in the Master in Management: a must for the modern manager

“This module was very useful for our future careers as it taught us how to do proper and complete research to solve a problem in the real world of business." This is how current Master in Management student Kimia Tannazi summarised the recently completed Research Methods module as part of the Master in Management programme.

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The importance of successfully leading change

“Attending this course at MSM definitely polished and added value to my capacity as a managing director. The knowledge gained will help me to implement change within my organisation within clear frameworks with the use of effective tools we learned throughout the course.” This is what Mr. Aheng Ashti (Iraq) said after completing the Change Management course. 

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Directing and managing organisational strategy

“This programme is a great eye opener about the strategy making process in small and large enterprises, especially in the turbulent times we are all going through”. This is what Ms. Maya Rahal (Lebanon) said after successfully completing the Strategic Leadership programme which has run from 14 – 19 November 2022.

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Designing and managing investment projects

“I am sure that the knowledge I gained from this blended Project Management course will be very useful in my daily work as it enables me to contribute significantly to improving the management of ongoing and upcoming research projects within our department.” These were the words of Mr. Idrissa Nonmon Sanogo from Mali on the last day of MSM’s short blended Project Management programme which kicked off with a virtual meeting on 3 October 2022.  

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MSM Equipped Health Care Providers to support Gender Equality and Women Empowerment in teaching hospitals in Ethiopia

During August and November 2022, two trainings that aimed at capacitating healthcare providers to support gender equality and women empowerment in teaching hospitals were conducted in Ethiopia.

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Center for Entrepreneurship and the CLED Revolving Fund in Popayan for youth and rural organisations

The project CLED has as goal to promote sustainable peace and economic development by integrating entrepreneur / livelihood capacity building and peacebuilding activities in three project phases: mapping, capacity building, and incubation/roll out in three municipalities in the province of Cauca, Colombia.

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Declaration on agricultural vocational education in Indonesia

On the initiative of MSM, a Joint Declaration on agricultural vocational education in Indonesia was signed on November 17 at the closing event of three Nuffic-funded projects. One of these projects is ‘LMSINDO: Link and Match SMK in Indonesia Strengthening Teacher Training in TVET Agriculture in Nusa Tenggara Timor (NTT)’, managed by MSM in partnership with Polbangtan Bogor.

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New and upcoming programmes

Master in Management
Early bird deadline: 1 May 2023
Application deadline non-EU: 25 July 2023
Application deadline EU: 25 August 2023
Start of programme: 25 September 2023

Full-time MBA
Early bird deadline: 1 May 2023
Application deadline non-EU: 25 July 2023
Application deadline EU: 25 August 2023
Start of programme: 25 September 2023

Executive Education programmes – upcoming deadlines
Project Finance - 16 January 2023
Small Business Development in Emerging Economies - 16 January 2023
Builiding Triple Helix Partnerships - 23 January 2023
Gender Equality and Women Empowerment - 15 May 2023
Women Entrepreneurship Policy - 5 June 2023

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MSM videos

Women Entrepreneurship Policy

From 03 – 07 July 2023, MSM's executive Women Entrepreneurship Policy programme will take place. In this programme, Professor Josette Dijkhuizen will inform you about the most relevant aspects of women entrepreneurship and will introduce you to the tools and instruments that can help you in developing and implementing strategies. The programme takes a practice-oriented approach providing you with frameworks, background information and examples from practitioners. For more information about the Gender Equality and Women Empowerment programme, please visit our website

Click on the image below to watch the video. 

Click here for the MSM YouTube channel.

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