Environmental sustainability and business: the need for integrated reporting

Recently MSM welcomed as guest lecturer Professor Leticia Greyling from Rhodes University in South Africa, who lectured on Ecology and Business.

During the lecture, I learned how much the world has changed in the past couple of decades in terms of its carbon footprint. In an hour, I was also introduced to ecology, sustainability, cradle to cradle concept, the circular economy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals” said MBA student Lawin Ileto after wards, adding that “Personally I found it really good that MSM has a lot of links to subjects around sustainability, which is one of the hot topics of today.”

Professor Greyling outlined the need for a Circular Economy and discussed the requirement that companies publish a ‘One Report’ which integrates all impacts of a business: financial, manufacturing, human, intellectual, natural and social. Such reporting may help to quantify the cumulative impact that businesses have on life, resources and the planet.

MSM also offer an Executive Education program on Corporate Social Responsibility. Visit the program page for more information and to apply.

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