When Digitization Strikes: Disruptive Technologies and the Future of Mobility and Contracting

Join us on 2 October 2017 for the Opening of the New Academic Year when two expert speakers, Dr. Ir. Carlo van de Weijer from the Technical University (TU) Eindhoven and SingularityU, and Prof. Dr. Nicola Dimitri from Sienna University, Cambridge University and MSM will respectively share their views on the future of mobility and contracting.

During the opening MSM will welcome around 210 students in the following programs on our Maastricht campus: Full-time Master of Business Administration, Executive Master of Business Administration, Master in Management, Online Master in Business Administration, Master of Science in Management and Engineering, and various Executive Education Programs.

Disruption in Practice: The Future of Mobility
Dr. Ir. Carlo van de Weijer
When digitization strikes an industry, changes come faster than most traditional players can prepare for. Yet, with all unpredictability that comes along with disruption there are some fixed rules that one can prepare for. Carlo van de Weijer has a broad executive experience in high tech companies, most in the automotive area, and is a faculty member of Silicon Valley bases Singularity University. He will highlight the most important future trends within mobility as an example of how disruption can strike, and how to deal with a future that is harder to predict than ever before.

The Blockchain Technology: Some Theory and Applications
Prof. Dr. Nicola Dimitri
How to reach consensus, within a distributed system of computers, has been an area of discussion for a quite a long time in theoretical computer science and applications. Broadly speaking the problem can be formulated as follows. Under what conditions distributed computers would correctly implement an agreed upon protocol, when the information in some of the machines could be strategically manipulated, or when the machines can make mistakes? In recent years the problem appears to have been solved by the cryptographic Blockchain technology, and a number of economic applications are now being implemented. In the lecture Nicola Dimitri will discuss some of the Blockchain foundations as well as some of the most successful applications such as Bitcoin and the Smart Contracts.

Entry is free and depending on available seats. External guests can register on the event page: www.msm.nl/opening2017

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