Welcome to the April edition of MSM’s newsletter.

This month, we were pleased to host four one-week Executive Program courses in Maastricht for participants hailing from countries as diverse as Albania, Benin, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Oman, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Syria. Our EP courses train you in essential topics ranging from Leadership & Management to Complex Problem Solving, Public Policy & Administration, Sustainable Business Development and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. In a new video clip, one of our EP course trainers Wynand Bodewes explains how the program ‘Rethinking your Business Model’ can help you to reinvent your business model and create new and more value for your customers.

Please also join us in congratulating our faculty member Dr. Stephanie Jones for receiving the 2019 ACBSP Teaching Excellence Award and make sure to read Endri Bahja’s delightful testimonial in our new alumni blog series, who candidly reveals that he still uses “the notes taken in class before taking an important strategic decision” in his company.

Enjoy reading!

Meinhard Gans, CEO a.i.

Katalin Kovacs, Dean a.i. 

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