An Empirical Study of the Use of Hedging Strategies by Islamic Mutual Funds – online DBA defense

On 6 May 2021 Mr. Ibrahim Elbedawy successfully defended his DBA thesis titled: An Empirical Study of the Use of Hedging Strategies by Islamic Mutual Funds, in an online session.

“The DBA was a great and amazing journey despite some challenges. It has changed my way of thinking in my business life and helped me to achieve my dream in teaching and in the consultations career path. I found the DBA journey a wonderful experience and discovered a lot of new skills. I would like to thank MSM and my Professors Kouretas and Gao for this wonderful opportunity. With their help I have reached the pinnacle of success. I hope that my story inspires others”.

About the research of Dr. Ibrahim Elbedawy
The research of Dr. Elbedawy aimed at finding a new methodology to protect the assets from the volatility of the markets during periods of global economic collapse by the hedging strategy. This strategy uses the Islamic hedge methodology to save minimum level of the return through using the Bai-Salam contract as an essential portion in the Islamic mutual funds. Consequently, built simulation funds which have Bai-Salam contracts as a hedging instrument change the performance of this simulation fund. In his research, Dr. Elbedawy studied these changes in the financial crisis recovery period. In addition, this thesis is interested in exploring the effect of the Islamic hedge funds on the effectiveness of sharia-compliant mutual funds.

For his research Dr. Elbedawy evaluated the performance of 200 sharia-compliant mutual funds and the simulation fund which consists of 200 IMFs plus 50 sharia-compliant hedge stocks (NAV-monthly), using (CAPM) and its ratios.

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