Key ingredients for a successful organizational change

“Working in the field of development, we are facing new challenges every day and this requires me as a leader in my organization to understand how we can be agile to navigate these challenges. Therefore, I joined this Change Management course to identify what aspects of my organization should be changed, and how to positively steer this process.” Maged Elsamny (Egypt) participant of the MSM Change management program from 19 – 23 April 2021.

Fundamentals of Organizational Change
The first day started with a warm welcome and brief introduction of Mr. Dorus Evekink, program manager of MSM’s Change Management program. After the introduction, Mr. Geert Heling, Professor or Organizational Behavior at MSM, took the participants into the world of change management. He explained the role of strategy, vision and organizational mission as the main drivers for organizational change. The participants explored relevant trends and developments that are shaping change in organizations and they discussed different perspectives on organizational change.

The next day, the participants learned all about diagnostic tools for identifying the problematic issues of an organization and thus the need for change. Prof. Heling explained how the choice and application of diagnostic tools can affect a change effort and how to apply diagnostic tools in different change situations. Learning about the different diagnostic tools and methods for leading a change is of utmost important. For Mounia Touatia (Algeria) especially this part of the program has been very valuable: “As an Algerian administrator in the Ministry of the Interior, Local Authorities and Urban planning, I now know how to apply various appropriate tools and methods to lead the change successfully and serve the strategy of each ministry, which will benefit both the employees as the citizens.”

Culture & mindset
Day three of the program dealt with organization culture. Prof. Heling emphasized that the organizational culture is important to the success of an organization, knowing why an organizational culture is the way it is and why it should stay that way or needs to change. If the culture of an organization is not closely aligned with the company’s strategic goals, leading an organizational change is not easy. In the afternoon, the critical role of and organizational mindset was discussed to embrace change and continuous improvement.

Change Dynamics
On the fourth day, the participants were introduced to various topics related to a change process. Employees have to deal with changes within the organization and environment they work in. Regardless of how well companies manage a change, it often results in resistance. Prof. Heling explained the importance of paying attention to resistance to change and the way employees regulate their emotions in order to implement change effectively.

Designing & Implementing the Change
The last day of the program, the participants learned about how to design and implement a successful change program. All the topics addressed during the program were brought into a practical set of learnings, ready to be applied at work. Mounia found the program memorable: “It was great being part of this course which has been very beneficial to me. Both Mr. Geert Heling and Mr. Dorus Evekink are wonderful lecturers, there way of interaction with the participants and how they explained everything was outstanding. I hope to join one of MSM’s other executive programs in the near future.”

Maged could not agree more with the words of Mounia: “This course contains a good mix of theory and practice for change processes in various contexts. It provided me with an array of tools to render a full diagnostic image of any organization regardless of its size or nature. Above all, Dr. Heling is an excellent trainer with decades of practical experience. He managed to present numerous aspects of change with details and perspectives in an intriguing way during the short time period of this course. He encouraged participation and listened attentively to give us professional advice and knowledge on our own real-life case studies.

Would you like to join the Change Management program?
The next 5-day Change Management program will take place from 8 – 12 November 2021 In case you would like to join, make sure you apply before 8 October 2021.

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