New projects in Burundi, Ghana and Liberia granted to MSM

Three new Tailor-Made Training projects of the Orange Knowledge Programme have been granted to Maastricht School of Management (MSM). Our project team is looking forward to starting new training programs in Burundi, Ghana and Liberia.

Improving the response from Burundian police and military hospitals to cases of SGBV
Together with consortium partner RCBIF, MSM will capacitate the National Police Hospital Burundi and its consortium partners the Military Hospital of Kamenge and Akabanga Center. Through this Tailor-Made-Training (TMT) the Burundian organizations would like to improve their responses to cases of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and the service provision of their (para)medical staff to this group of patients, as they admit many survivors of SGBV.

Currently the intake at the beneficiary organizations is high and resources are limited to help the SGBV survivors. This TMT will fill the knowledge gap that paramedical and medical staff have when it comes to taking care of SGBV survivors. The participants of the training program will explore causes and consequences of SGBV and will learn about suitable responses. The participants will learn how to approach the situation and treat the patient with the right care which will help the patient with their healing process.  The training will address skill gaps by challenging the perception of participants, making them understand gender norms and values, including doing role play practicing the interaction with SGBV survivors.

The project will be managed by Dr. Astrid ter Wiel, Associate Consultant at MSM.

Developing Accra Technical University staff competences to design a commercial agri-business course target at female entrepreneurs
Accra Technical University (ATU) is a tertiary institution that offers both academic and professional training to about 11.500 students. ATU would like to set up a business, incubation or entrepreneurship center that actively supports development of the private sector, with a special focus on extending activities in the development of agri-business value chains. This TMT will help ATU staff to develop the required know-how and confidence to actively engage with the private sector in the field of agri-business. The institutes’ staff will learn about agri-business value chains, business start-up essentials, specific circumstances and needs of female entrepreneurs, practical, adult-oriented training and coaching skills and course designing, resourcing and marketing.

The project will be managed by Dr. Rita van Deuren, Head Global Custom Programs / Senior Project Consultant / Assistant Professor at MSM.

Enabling Youth Organizations to Develop & Finance Small Scale Agri-businesses in Nimba County
Together with consortium partner Entrepreneurship Centre Inc. in Nimba, Liberia, MSM will train the Rural Women ang Girls Promoters for Sustainable Development (RWGP) and its 7 Youth NGO’s consortium partners. RWPG is a Youth NGO that engages is vocational skills development and income generating activities. Their ultimate goal is to empower rural women, girls and youths through economic and social means to become self-sustainable, especially by taking advantage of local agriculture and framing opportunities.

The agricultural sector in Liberia is the primary livelihood for more than 60% of the population. However, overall agricultural productivity is low and importing is high. This makes Liberia vulnerable to global food prices and volatility. There are opportunities to improve the agricultural sector, however, farming and agriculture is not an attractive career option for youths in Liberia. This training will help with broadening commercial opportunities and contribute to agriculture and food security by maintaining or increasing the number of youths that choose to work in the agro industry as well as improving the industry’s financial prospects. By doing so, gradually this will help the development of the trade and private sector in Liberia.

The TMT will help RWGP and partner NGOs develop by providing them with the necessary skills, know-how and confidence to properly organize and engage youths in Nimba County to promote agri-business. The participants will among others learn about small business start-ups and development know-how and skills, agri-business value chains and training and coaching skills for youths.

The Project will be managed by Dr. Rita van Deuren Head Global Custom Programs / Senior Project Consultant / Assistant Professor at MSM and Vin Morar, Associate Consultant at MSM.

MSM’s International Project and Consultancies Department
All projects are part of MSM’s International Project and Consultancies Department. The department is an is an expert centre on local economic development in emerging and developing markets.​ We capacitate managers and professionals from government, private sector, NGOs, and post-secondary education in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America. We offer consultancy and customized training programs, and we manage complex projects in key sectors, e.g. water, agriculture and health. For more information click here.

Orange Knowledge Programme
These Tailor-Made-Trainings are part of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) which is funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Nuffic. For more information click here.

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