Will a President Macron be able to reform the Eurozone?

With reference to the presidential elections in France, Prof. dr. Harald Sander, Professor of Economics at Maastricht School of Management published an article titled “Will a president Macron be able to reform the Eurozone?”

European financial markets are already betting on the victory of centrist French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron in the country’s May 7 second-round election.

Are investors right to believe that the eurozone – the monetary union of countries that have incorporated the euro as their national currency – will gain new momentum with Macron in the Élysée Palace?

After all, Macron, who is strongly pro-European Union, has affirmed several times over the past year that “the Euro will fail in ten years without reform”, adding he would promote more and better eurozone governance.

To read the full article, click this link https://theconversation.com/will-a-president-macron-be-able-to-reform-the-eurozone-76596

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