Disruptive technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration: MSM at the Limburg Unlimited Fair

On 28 and 29 March, MSM participated in the Limburg Unlimited Fair in Maastricht with an exciting program on the theme “MSM as Innovation and Inspiration Broker”.

The Limburg Unlimited fair was organized for the first time this year with the aim to connect with the local business community, entrepreneurs, researchers, talent, educational institutions, producers, governments and international guests, all with a common interest in sustainable solutions.

For MSM the Limburg Unlimited far was a good opportunity to strengthen MSM’s reputation as a knowledge partner for companies in the region by sharing info about MSM’s exciting high-tech management, engineering, and digital economy programs and stimulating discussion on how tech transfer for sustainable development can be a huge opportunity for the Netherlands.

The added value of MSM in this fast changing technological world
At the fair, MSM Dean Professor Wim Naudé discussed that one of the implications of the fast pace of technological change is that both individuals and organizations need to reinvent themselves. Reinvention is needed for the flexibility to adjust to fast change, and requires invention but moreover the ability to put those inventions into practices. For individuals, reinvention begins by lifelong learning. For organizations, reinvention similarly needs organizational learning, which requires new routines and practices and the ability to generate new products and services. Due to this technological change there are many new occupations and many new business opportunities for a new start-up company or existing company to exploit in which MSM can be a great help in offering appropriate education.

For MSM its location in Limburg has contributed immensely to its ability to reinvent itself and be innovative”, says MSM Dean Wim Naudé. Limburg has great people who you don’t need to convince about the need to be innovative and to reinvent themselves…Limburgers have been innovatively and successfully adapting and reinventing themselves for centuries in the face of outside events”.

Seminars: “MSM as Innovation and Inspiration Broker”
On the second day of the fair MSM treated the visitors with 3 seminars on theme “MSM as Innovation and Inspiration Broker”:

  • Andreas M. Zynga, Professor Practice in Strategy at MSM, gave a seminar on “How to increase your chances of creating blockbuster innovation success”
  • Professor Wim Naudé, Professor Josette Dijkhuizen and Erik Joosten (CEO Arion) gave a joint presentation about “Managing Brilliant Technologies and Managing Yourself for International Business” and
  • Wynand Bodewes, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at MSM” was invited by LWV (Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging) to give a College Class on the topic “From Business Value to Valued Customers using Valuable Technology”

Professor Wim Naudé on the stage during the seminar “Managing Brilliant Technologies and Managing Yourself for International Business”.

See you again next year!
For MSM this first Limburg Unlimited fair was a great success and a first step to new collaborations. The Limburg Unlimited fair will be organized again in 2019 in which MSM will definitely participate again. Do you want to know what MSM can offer you and your organization? Don’t hesitate and contact Sandra Adriaansens, MSM’s Senior Business Development Manager.

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