MSM and Elisabeth Strouven Fund expand collaboration

Funded by the Elisabeth Strouven Fund, MSM recently supported a six-day Gender and Female Talent Development training in the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. “It has been a wonderful experience and we are looking forward to more training in the future.”

The trainings were conducted on the basis of a set of modules, which were developed for Ethiopian female faculty with support of Maastricht School of Management (MSM), and which had been adopted to the health and hospital context.

The Elisabeth Strouven Fund supports and contributes to the welfare and development of citizens and societies in Maastricht and surroundings. The fund also supports certain small-scale projects in developing countries. The Elisabeth Strouven Fund has also been involved the last 5-years in the yearly MSM Graduation Ceremony, granting the award for the best researcher.

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