Constitutional Court of Indonesia and MSM to partner in management and leadership training

On Wednesday October 9th, a delegation of the Indonesia Constitutional Court (Mahkammah Konstitusi Republik indonesia, MKRI), headed by Dr. Guntur Hamzah, Secretary General visited MSM. The delegation was welcomed by Meinhard Gans, CEO a.i.

During the meeting Dr. Guntur explained that the court has a vision of a modern and reliable judiciary. In this context, he puts emphasis on staff development. The court has identified MSM as partner for training non-legal staff on a variety of management and leadership topics. 

At the end of the meeting, MSM and the Constitutional Court signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, outlining the desire to work together in training and joint research. It is the intention that a first group of staff will come to MSM in 2019.

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