MSM and AUB collaborate on project to improve the mental health of Syrian refugee children

Together with the American University of Beirut (AUB) MSM will start a 12 month project named; Safe and Sound (SaS) in Lebanon. The aim of the project is on improving the mental health of Syrian refugee children in primary and secondary schools through community and family-based psychosocial support.

SaS will focus on capacity building of two local NGOs and school staff, teachers and parents by designing, developing (through adaptation) and implementing a school-based gender sensitive psychosocial support program for Syrian refugee children currently living in Lebanon. Amongst others, Professionals and/or students with a psychology and medicine background will be trained in doing formative research. Based on the results of this research a school-based intervention program from the Living Peace Institute will be adapted to local settings. Furthermore psychosocial experts will be trained in a school-based, gender sensitive psychosocial support program for Syrian refugee children and adolescents.

The project aims to reduce the ill-making consequences of multiple traumatic experiences of Syrian children at primary and secondary schools and improve their mental health and psychosocial wellbeing. Through the selected approach, issues related to cultural sensitivity are addressed, teacher-parent contact is improved, and children (through teachers, parents, family and the rest of the community) are better equipped to healthily deal with the trauma they have experienced.

The SaS project has been awarded to MSM and AUB as part of the “Capacity Development Programme Lebanon” from Nuffic. Out of seven proposals MSM was one of the two institutions that were awarded a grant. The project aims to strengthen the impact of existing Dutch financial interventions for stabilization in Lebanon.

The project will run for 12 months and will be will be managed by Dr. Astrid ter Wiel.

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