Global Corporate Strategy: “a learning experience that far exceeded my expectations”

“For me the Global Corporate Strategy module was one of my favourite courses. For one of my fellow students, it was "a true transfer of knowledge and an apt course for an MBA. For another colleague, it was an engaging module delivered by an engaging lecturer.”

This is how current full-time MBA student Vimbai Mavhusa described the recently completed module. “I have experience in strategic planning but had not received educational training on the subject, only on the job experience. I had expectations, but the lecturer’s knowledge transfer and "no man/ woman" left behind approach to teaching, the passion he exudes on the subject, and how he broke down concepts such as VRIO, triple bottom line, even PESTEL which we had encountered before, and entrepreneurial pathways which was a new tool for me, made for a learning experience that far exceeded my expectations. I now understand how to use these analysis tools, and how they can be complementary and useful to each other, like scenario planning using PESTEL factors.”

Fellow student Akash Tripathi could not agree more. “After having completed this module, my way of seeing the challenges rising in my organisation has changed. I believe that I have started seeing things from an entrepreneurial perspective which was very much required. I learnt that every problem that rises in a organization has a pattern. This module has taught me to recognise that pattern and analyse it like a strategy consultant and apply the right solution to solve it. I really enjoyed the whole module, and it is truly one of my favourite subjects.” The module involved a lot of active group participation. “There were a lot of discussions on how to pick the right strategy. By the end of each day there would be group presentations on the cases we had worked on. The whole process required a lot of brainstorming sessions within the team members which helped us to learn how to think and act like a Strategy Consultant working for a firm in real life.”

Akash also highlighted the interaction with his fellow classmates and lecturer as excellent and very informative. “Prof. Jordi del Bas was very active during all the sessions. He managed to build a conducive environment for great learning. He was very receptive during the sessions and made sure that everyone’s opinion was heard. He made a note of everyone’s background, work experience and expectations and then incorporated examples from every possible sector to ensure everyone expectations were met by the end of the course.”

At the end of the module, Vimbai asked Prof. Jordi del Bas for some advice. “He took his time to advise me, boost my confidence, and told me I could get in touch if I needed more help. Cherry on top, we invited him for a beer with the class afterwards, and he came.”

About the module
The Global Corporate Strategy module consisted out of two parts. The first part covered the strategic management processes and traditional strategy tools taught over decades in business worldwide and still relevant and valid today. They are, however, not enough. Volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous business environments, more complex value chains, and non-delineated industries characterize current times. In this context, new approaches to strategy have emerged. The second part focused on these: new business paradigm strategies, strategies building on foresight, adaptive strategy, new sources of competitive advantage, and the links between creativity and strategy, and design thinking and strategy. This second part also addressed strategies for start-ups.

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