Internal Factors Affecting Organisational Effectiveness – Online DBA defense

On 16 December 2021, Mr. Khaled Aldayan successfully defended his DBA thesis titled: Internal Factors Affecting Organisational effectiveness: An Empirical Study of Services companies in the Egyptian Market. The defense took place in an online session.

About the research of Dr. Aldayan
Successful organisations regularly evaluate the integrity of internal and external factors in order to compete and exceed competitors. Organizations have a "vision, mission, and a strategy." The way in which organisations deal with internal environmental factors distinguishes those in the lead from those who are behind.

It is important to determine whether organisations in the same industry and community have varying organisational effectiveness. The research of Dr. Aldayan investigated the influences and correlations between internal factors capabilities and organisational effectiveness, as well as the mediating mechanisms that support organizational effectiveness.

Furthermore, the findings showed that how company’s owners and leaders deal with internal factors such as (strategic thinking, technological development, employee engagement, and organizational innovativeness) has a direct and practical impact on organisational effectiveness, causing one company to lead while another fall behind.

Based on the findings, certain recommendations were made to Egyptian companies and the Middle East in general. The recommendations include that the company's leader(s), senior executives, and decision-makers constantly need to strive to improve internal aspects. However, all levels of management must analyze these elements regularly and take appropriate action to improve the situation.

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