Strategic leadership as driver for long-term success

“Joining this program was an experience like no other. It was very realistic and relevant. During the program, I could always relate to the different modules and scenarios that play within my organization. It was exciting to get feedback from the lecturer and the participants who were always ready to share their experiences and best practices” according to Kader Lafia Sero (Benin), who joined the 5-day executive Strategic Leadership program from 15 – 19 November 2021.

The Strategic Leadership program, conducted by Mr. Leo Kerklaan, Strategic Performance Management expert, is designed to help (potential) leaders to improve their leadership and organizational skills in order to develop and implement effective strategies. Due to the COVID-19 measures, the program was offered in a hybrid format.

Kicking off with Strategic Performance Management
After a short introduction by Mr. Dorus Evekink, Program manager of MSM’s executive leadership programs, Mr. Leo Kerklaan took over and explained the importance of a clear strategy for the leaders of today and tomorrow. All people within an organization should have clear goals aimed at directing the mission of the organization. Furthermore, the participants learned that identifying strategic issues is a pivotal step in a strategic planning process.

Tools for strategic analysis
Strategic analysis is a core step in the strategic learning cycle. Hence, it is important to have a toolbox of analytical models. Mr. Leo Kerklaan introduced the participants to the different tools and instruments for strategic planning, analysis and implementation. The participants were trained in  analyzing the environment of an organization in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization that could influence future decisions.

Strategy frameworks
On the third day, the participants learned about the different techniques to visualize performance in a strategic concept. Mr. Leo Kerklaan introduced the strategy house, a graphic model which - in a simple but effective way – shows how vision, mission, values and the strategy of an organization come together. In the afternoon, they explored the strategy map, which facilitates the definition and communication of the strategy by creating a visual presentation describing the key business objectives of an organization on a single page.

Monitoring performance
The fourth day dealt with defining and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). The participants learned about the most important steps when writing a KPI and the relevance of using the KPI template. In the afternoon they explored different ways of how to identify and define strategic success factors.

Strategy execution
The last day focused on the importance of creating effective teams to enhance performance, by analyzing the different leadership styles and learning how to build high performance teams. To finalize the program, the participants integrated all the new insights, knowledge and skills in the implementation plan to achieve the strategic objectives of their own organizations.

Marwa Faizi (Afghanistan) highly appreciated the program: “Joining the executive Strategic Leadership program was more than just earning a certificate. I was really looking for the type of program that was going to be different than the traditional regional programs.  A program less individualistic and competitive and more collaborative, working together with professionals from all over the world. That is what I found in this Strategic Leadership program.

For Kader joining this program under the lead of Mr. Leo Kerklaan was a remarkable experience: “He was a source of inspiration to us. He was very sociable and always came up with practical examples for each module of the program.  Mr. Kerklaan always came up with creative ideas for the group tasks and was also able to adapt his program to the participant's expectations.

Marwa, who joined the program online, added: “The approach of Leo Kerklaan was excellent, and he made me appreciate a business course like never before. I was honestly a bit intimidated by the program in a hybrid format, but with his thorough teaching style, I was able to fully grasp everything he taught.  I learned so many new things and I'm glad I took this course with him.

Leo Kerklaan enjoyed teaching such an enthusiastic group of participants: “Because of the intensive interaction among the participants and between the participants and me, we were in no time a mini learning community. In this way - apart from theory - all personal learning questions were addressed during the week. A dream team to have in the classroom!"


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