“Start for dance”: MSM partner in innovative Erasmus+ project

In an exciting and novel project for a business school to be involved in, MSM has joined up with two dance companies from Belgium and Italy, to develop a relevant training program for professional dancers. The dance companies are Irene-K from Belgium and Francesca Selva from Italy.

“Start For Dance” is the title of this innovative Erasmus+ funded project, which is designed to meet two important goals: Exchange of knowledge and cultural exchange.

During the project, international dancers will learn two very different styles of dance and experience multiple cultures. In addition to the technical training in the arts, they will also have the opportunity to increase their management skills. MSM is responsible for this latter part, and will design tailor-made workshops to teach the performers to manage their careers and to market themselves.

MSM firmly believes that management skills are an essential skill for all free-lancers, entrepreneurs, managers and independent workers… not just business people. MSM’s 65-year history of working in multiple countries and cultures, and its increasing focus on the creative industries, makes us uniquely qualified to enhance the professional side of the artists who will participate in this project.

The project will start in February 2018 and take place in Siena, Italy, Eupen, Belgium and Maastricht, the Netherlands.

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