Research Methods and Skills at MSM: a flexible program for evidence-based decision making

MSM’s renowned Research Methods and Skills (RMS) program recently saw its on-campus participants completing their 12-weeks course and receiving their diplomas.  According to Ms. Dwi Indah Lestari “I learnt a lot in past 3 months… I am impressed with the structure of this program and I got valuable feedback which I will implement in my research”.

The Research Methods and Skills program includes five modules: Introduction to Research Methodology, Quantitative Data Collection, Qualitative Research and Quantitative Data Analysis. These modules take the participants through the empirical research cycle step-by-step. During the program, the students work in Learning Sets to develop a 10-page research proposal which has to be defended at the end of the course.

The RMS program offers a unique program to acquire the academic skills and a rigorous mind-set in order to develop and execute research activities. The program is designed for doctoral candidates and decision-makers in public and private sector, NGOs and international development organizations and is offered both on campus (12 weeks, starting early September every year) and blended (online modules with asynchronous and synchronous activities).

The course has been increasing in popularity, in light of the complexities of making sound policy and management decisions in an era of ‘big’ data, ‘fake’ news and often poor public understanding of the methods of science.

In order to improve the accessibility and flexibility of the program, MSM recently introduced the option of following the program in a blended manner, by developing an online version. The blended delivery mode is identical to the on-campus training program, be it that the class lectures have been replaced by instructive videos and webinars. Participants will receive individual feedback on their assignments during four previously scheduled support periods. The option of the blended delivery mode makes the program more flexible and takes a maximum of 12 months to complete.

Mr. Arif Budy Pratama joined the RMS on-campus program with a non-business and management science background and found the program challenging but rewarding. “The RMS program of MSM has made my academic journey much more colourful. During the well-designed modules and excellent learning environment, I learned comprehensively about research methods and skills. The RMS modules not only provided me with the theoretical understanding but also with various skills for conducting research. I also had the opportunity to engage with top researchers and academics in the field. This encouraged and intellectually challenged me to produce a robust research proposal as the main output of this program”.

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Research Methods and Skills for Evidence-Based Management at MSM

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