MSM and Nichols College students visit Maastricht for their study attachment abroad

“Having the chance to meet people from different countries, get to know them, and develop friendships was an experience we would not have had if we did not attend the study attachment abroad.” This said Blake Norton, student in the joint MSM-Nichols College program after their six-week study attachment at MSM. From 14 October until 22 November 15 students from MSM’s partner school Nichols College visited MSM as part of their international specialization.

The students followed classes together with the MSM Master in Management students and visited The Belgium National Bank and the European Commission. Furthermore, they enjoyed the international environment of MSM during several events. The first course was in Managing Cultural Diversity. This coursed focused on managing cultural diversity in a global business context. The aim of this course is to provide the participants with a conceptual and practical understanding of the role of culture and diversity in the achievement of an organization’s strategy. The course pays specific attention to the complexity of managing people in diverse and cross-cultural environments. After the Managing Cultural Diversity course the students were taught on the subject of Strategy and Planning. The Strategy and Planning course builds an overview of the strategic planning and management processes, studies the main elements of the process and ends with the evaluation, measurement and control processes. Additionally, the students followed courses in Research Methods, Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Culture’s Consequences.

Blake Norton also highlighted the beautiful city of Maastricht as a study destination. “Maastricht is different than the other cities we are used to. Between the bike riding and the cobble stone roads, it was amazing to experience such a great place.

The MSM and Nichols College double degree program is a unique double degree MBA and Master program offered in partnership with Nichols College. The program optimally prepares participants for an international career in management. Participants can study at their own pace to earn the Nichols MBA and the MSM Master in Management degree, which ensures they will stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market.

Also want to enjoy this international and cross-cultural experience and benefit from the flexible learning schedule? The MSM and Nichols College double degree MBA/MM program has three intakes per year. Have a look at the program page for more information.

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