Human Resource Management; dynamic, interesting and efficient

From 23 until 27 March, Maastricht School of Management’s students took part in the Human Resource Management course taught by David Dingli. The course was provided online via distance learning and well received by the management students.

Recruiting, selecting, training, developing and retaining a highly committed professional workforce is a challenge for business organizations. The creation of new successful business organization increasingly demands new skills such as: taking initiatives, being innovative, being aware of quality and compliance, being able to handle technologies, being empowered and making decisions.

In the Human Resource Management (HRM) course, the Master in Management students learned the knowledge and instruments to manage human resources from the perspective of executives and general managers. They learned to look at an organization from strategic rather than an operational perspective. Through this intensive 4-day program, the students are able to choose the right instruments to contribute to a successful implementation of the overall strategy of an organization.

“The practical approach of the course made it possible to understand the concepts well and see their application in real life. David Dingli is passionate and knowledgeable in this area, his class was very insightful.” – Sofia Neria Gonzalez, Master in Management student

Distance learning
Due to covid-19 this course took place via distance learning. However, this did not lower the quality of the course. Sofia Neria Gonzalez who took part in the course said the course was dynamic, interesting and group work was efficient and focused while making use of the break-out rooms.

A crisis such as Covid-19, is something organizations have to deal with. David Dingli included this in his course, turned it into a lesson to learn from and said the following: "This is life, isn't it?, things happen and we need to adapt and we need to be on top of the problems we face, not underneath them. If we are going to be leaders, if you are going to be managers and leading organizations, you have to be on top of the problems that come your way." 

A functional course
The course offered the students’ knowledge and instrument concerning the basic functions of management and its necessary analytical skills. The HR Management course dived deeper in the topic of management and is an extended course of the previous taught courses on Organizational Development & Change and Leadership and Management.

Topics that were taught were among others: the strategic nature of HRM, goals of HRM, who is responsible for HRM, and the organization of HRM in business and other organizations. The topics were taught on the basis of case studies, discussion, group work and presentations.

The class activities encouraged self-assessment and reflection at each stage. The management students were challenged to discover their own behaviors, attitudes, stereotypes and judgements. There was room for debate with their peers in break-out rooms and they were encouraged to see other opinions and thoughts not as “right or wrong” or “good or bad” but as legitimate differences in preferences and personality types.

About the Master in Management
The MSM Master of Arts in Management (MM) program is a one-year full-time master’s program for recent graduates and young professionals (< 3 years of working experience) with the ambition to manage people and processes with success in any organization, country or context.

Our MM provides you with a first necessary step to fast-forward your career to higher levels by providing you with a solid foundation in the practice and theory of management in a fast-changing global world.  During this course you will be provided with the opportunity to understand how to steer your organization to high performance in a diverse and multicultural international business context. You will learn from experienced faculty, international companies and fellow participants from different cultural, business and study backgrounds.

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