Meet MSM's staff members: introducing Roger Piepot

At MSM, we are proud of the more than 47 staff members who are committed and eager to fulfill our mission in offering management and entrepreneurship education, advice and research to individuals and organizations from all over the world. To become more acquainted with our staff members and to show you how it feels for them working at MSM we will each month highlight one of our staff members. This month the spotlight will be on Roger Piepot.

Let me introduce myself…
My name is Roger Piepot and I am a Facility Assistant at MSM. In addition, I work in the MSM restaurant and, if necessary, I replace one of my colleagues at the reception desk or at the MSM Information Center. To the students, who often see me in these different workplaces, I always say “I'm just like Dolby surround: all around you”. I am also part of the company aid team because I find it important that MSM’s employees, students and guests have a pleasant and safe feeling at our campus.

It’s my personal ‘business card’ and very useful at MSM…
I studied catering industry and have worked at the Van der Valk hotel in Heerlen (NL), among others. Next, I continued in the logistics sector where I was responsible for all kind of catering services. Before joining MSM, I worked at the international Horeca wholesaler Hanos in Heerlen, where I started at the expedition (goods receiving point) and later became responsible for the Disposable non-food department. Service orientation, customer-friendliness and helpfulness are very important to me. If you pursue that, people feel valued, respected and like to come back. It’s my personal ‘business card’ and very useful at MSM.

This makes working at MSM varied and pleasant for me, no two days are the same…
In my position as Facility Assistant, I am partly responsible for the security, maintenance and services of the MSM work facilities. Colleagues and students use all kind of office supplies that are stored in our Facility warehouse. Keeping this warehouse in order and delivering office supplies is one of my regular tasks. Because I am often active at various department at MSM, I have contact with various colleagues, students, technicians, suppliers and guests. I enjoy working with this diverse group of people. This makes working at MSM varied and pleasant for me, no two days are the same.

In my spare time you can often find me…
I like to go out with my friends; going for a walk or the cinema. My family, my wife and 3 daughters love to go bowling regularly. In addition, we like to watch all kinds of series on Netflix, such as: The Arrow and La Casa de Papel. We also enjoy playing board games such as: The Settlers of Catan and Risk. 

Make a difference in and around the area you live in…
Within our family we share the passion to help less fortunate people, because there is a lot of hidden poverty. In 2014 we founded the non-profit organization “Care & Share” together with family and friends. We believe that it is good to make a difference in and around the area you live in. The base of Care & Share is looking after people (Care) and distribute (Share) what we get for free to everyone who can use it in the fairest way possible. Treat people the way you want to be treated with care and love not with all kinds of rules. We always receive a lot of second-hand clothes and four times a year we organize a free clothing fair together with our volunteers. The last time we organized it, we had about 400 visitors. This is and remains very rewarding work to do.

The people that I admire in my life are…
One organization that I admire is The Salvation Army, they are active around the world. Major Alida Margaretha Bosshardt, was one of the officers working in this organization and a well-known person in the Netherlands. She has helped many children and adults with clothing and food, from 1930 to 2007.

In addition, evangelist and speaker Nicholas James (Nick) Vujicic inspires me a lot. He founded the non-profit organization Life without Limbs. He uses his experiences to inspire others. He regularly gives presentations on topics such as disability, hope and finding meaning in life. Need inspiration? Then you should definitely watch this video.

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