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Recent titles include:
Finally, some good economic news from the Eurozone – but will it last?
On: The London School of Economics and Political Science
Author: Harald Sander

Urban Governance in the Realm of Complexity
In: Practical Action Publishing
Authors: Meine Pieter van Dijk, Jurian Edelenbos and Kees van Rooijen

Pathways to Industrialization in the Twenty-First Century
In: Oxford University Press
Authors: Wim Naudé, Adam Szirmai and Ludovico Alcorta

Migration, entrepreneurship and development: critical questions
In: IZA Journal of Migration
Authors: Wim Naudé, Melissa Siegel and Katrin Marchand

The Law and Economics of EU Innovation Procurement
In: MSM Occasional Papers
Authors: Nicola Dimitri and Anne Rainville

The Economics of the EU Innovation Procurement
In: MSM Working Paper Series
Author: Nicola Dimitri

Entrepreneurial transformation and university leadership in Indonesia
In: Proceedings of the 6th Annual International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Authors: Huub Mudde, Anita Primaswari Widhiani and Anas Miftah Fauzi

Inclusive Industrialization and Entrepreneurship
In: Development
Authors: Wim Naudé and Paula Nagler

From whence the knowledge came: the heterogeneity of innovation procurement across Europe
In: Journal of Public Procurement
Author: Anne Rainville

What Holds Back Eco-Innovations? A “Green Growth Diagnostics” Approach
In: Elsevier Handbook of Environmental and Sustainable Finance, Elsevier (North Holland)
Author: Harald Sander

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