Meet MSM's faculty members: introducing Jakomijn van Wijk

Research is an integral part of the mission of Maastricht School of Management. We provide scientific knowledge to allow managers and entrepreneurs to make evidence-based decisions. To achieve our mission we encourage and support the research of our faculty members on a broad range of areas. MSM’s faculty members are passionate about what they do and tenacious in finding solutions to the roughest business challenges. Each month MSM will highlight one of its faculty members and this month the spotlight is on Jakomijn van Wijk.

Let me introduce myself…
My name is Jakomijn van Wijk, Associate Professor in Sustainable Business and Academic Coordinator of the Research Methods and Skills (RMS) program at Maastricht School of Management. I completed my PhD at VU University Amsterdam and my MSc in Political Science of the Environment at Radboud University Nijmegen and Linköping University in Sweden.

Why I think the RMS program is a great kick-start for research journeys
The RMS program is a unique program targeted at (potential) doctoral candidates, (junior) faculty and decision-makers in government departments, private business firms, NGOs and international development organizations. It offers participants insights into key methodological approaches and helps them in developing an academic mindset. The RMS course is designed in such a way that students follow the empirical research cycle step-by-step and finalize the course with a solid 10-page individual research proposal. This focused and structured approach is much appreciated as it helps participants kick-starting their research activities. Also meeting participants from across the globe examining similar topics like value chain upgrading, leadership and female entrepreneurship and deploying similar research strategies is considered as an enriching and encouraging experience by our RMS students.

The aspect of my work that excites and inspires me the most is…
As a scientist, I enjoy doing research that makes a difference for organizations and industries in linking economic growth with sustainable development as well as sharing this knowledge with MSM’s students. For instance, I just returned from teaching Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to 27 MBA students in Vietnam. With more and more multinational companies entering Vietnam as well as Vietnamese firms expanding to international markets, Vietnamese companies increasingly recognize that there is a business case for CSR. We had lively discussions in class on where the push for CSR comes from in Vietnam and how to put CSR into practice. In return, research-informed teaching helps lecturers reflect on their research activities. For instance, the animated class discussions made me realize again the cultural differences in CSR and the different stages in a company’s CSR strategy. Thus, I find working for MSM at the research/teaching nexus in the dynamic context of emerging economies truly inspiring.

The research I am currently working on…
I am currently co-guest editor of a special issue of the scientific journal Business & Society on social innovations. With the world facing major challenges like climate change, persistent poverty, income inequality and rapid biodiversity loss, the world needs more social innovations and this special issue will shed light on how such innovations come out amongst others. Together with colleagues from Canada, I am further examining what role business interest organizations play in industries that are moving towards sustainability. Finally, I am revising a paper on inclusive market development in Ethiopia, which is currently under review.

The Scientific network that I am active in is..
I am member of EGOS (the European Group for Organization Studies) and the Academy of Management. These are scholarly associations that amongst others organize annual meetings that I regularly attend. For instance, I will present our paper on business interest organizations at the EGOS colloquium in Copenhagen this summer.

My most recent publications are..

Van Wijk, J., Van der Duim, R., Lamers, M. & Sumba, D. (2015). The emergence of institutional innovations in tourism: The evolution of the African Wildlife Foundation’s tourism conservation enterprises. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 23(1), 104–125. DOI 10.1080/09669582.2014.927878.

Lamers, M., Van der Duim, R., Van Wijk, J., Nthiga, R. & Visseren-Hamakers, I.J. (2014). Governing conservation tourism partnerships in Kenya. Annals of Tourism Research, 48, 250–265. DOI: 10.1016/j.annals.2014.07.00

Lamers, M., Nthiga, R., Van der Duim, R. & Van Wijk, J. (2014). Tourism–conservation enterprises as a land-use strategy in Kenya. Tourism Geographies, 16(3), 474–489. DOI:10.1080/14616688.2013.806583

Van Wijk, J., Stam, W., Elfring, T., Zietsma, C. & den Hond, F. (2013). Activists and incumbents structuring change: The interplay of agency, culture and networks in field evolution. Academy of Management Journal, 56(2), 358–386. DOI:10.5465/amj.2008.0355

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