MSM opens mini-expo in Centre Ceramique, Maastricht

On 18 April MSM opened its mini-expo MSM, Maastricht and Metamorphic books that will be exhibited at Centre Céramique in Maastricht until 13 August 2017.

As one of the oldest business schools in the Netherlands, celebrating 65 years in 2017, Maastricht School of Management encourages students to appreciate that science and democracy offer the best approaches towards solving the complex problems that humans may face, whether in business or in life. The vehicle per excellence for the spread of science and democracy is the book, in all its traditional (paper) and modern (electronic) forms.

For this photo exhibition, 20 faculty, staff, students and alumni have selected a special place in Maastricht to reveal the metamorphic book that has made them better appreciate the contribution of science and/or democracy to their lives. The essential ideas of each book are captured in a short caption, and in a one-minute video clip, which is accessible through a QR code.

Professor Wim Naudé, MSM Dean, opened the exhibition during an MSM event at Centre Céramique.  “This mini expo is a true reflection of the diversity and uniqueness of MSM, demonstrated by a cross section of MSM-ers and their incredible humanity and love of learning: board members, management, faculty, staff, students and alumni. At the same time, through the artistry of local photographer Brian Megens it shows our deep attachment to and appreciation of the beautiful city of Maastricht.”

Joris Stadhouders, MSM Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems reflected on MSM’s development throughout the years in Maastricht. “When we arrived here in Maastricht in 1989, we were RVB and changed the name to Maastricht School of Management. Adopting “Maastricht” in the name at that time, in 1992, was an opportunistic choice. Only over the last five years has the tie-in with Maastricht become really strong. This exposition provides evidence of that Maastricht foothold. So we can now truly speak of Maastricht in “Maastricht School of Management”.

Through the mini photo exhibition Maastricht School of Management showcases its commitment to science, knowledge transfer, and societal development, in Maastricht and in the world.

The mini expo MSM, Maastricht and Metamorphic books is open to the public from 18 April to 13 August in the central hall of Centre Céramique in Maastricht.

To watch the one minute videos in which the participants present their book and explain why they chose this specific book, click here.

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