MSM and RWTH Aachen University present at prestigious surgeon’s congress in Germany

MSM recently took part in the annual congress for surgeons organized by the German Society of Surgery (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Chirurgie), which represents more than 17,500 German surgeons. At the annual congress a wide range of interdisciplinary knowledge sessions were held and the highest state of the art surgeon techniques and devices were presented.

MSM participated in this innovative medical congress to share its ideas about the relevance of lifelong learning and combining business and medical skills for the benefit of patient-centered care. The main message for this very specialized audience was “from specialist to a little more generalist” which for the German surgeons appeared to be a very innovative approach in their education system.

In the light of this theme, MSM presented its unique innovative Leadership in Healthcare Management program that has been designed in joint effort with the International Academy of RWTH Aachen University. This German TUV recognized expert program equips experienced medical specialists with in-depth understanding of the international healthcare industry and related business challenges, with the aim to become a more complete, generic leader in their organization. Is also a very suitable program for graduated doctors at the start of their career that want to broaden their future career perspectives, for example to consider a career switch to global medical companies like Medtronic, Philips, Johnson & Johnson etc.

For the audience of 140 graduated doctors who are at the point of making their decision to become a specialist or a more generalist, MSM invited Servé Kuijer to present his experience about the value of generic business competences in a hospital context. Although not being a medical specialist himself he has been a successful board member at the Academic Hospital Maastricht to thrive the hospital with his team of medical specialists to a higher level. He explained that to maximize the quality perception of the patient’s medical treatment, managerial competences like setting a (patient) strategy, improving your team performance and encouraging a collaborative mindset are heavily needed. The upcoming eHealth technology constantly challenges specialists to learn how to manage change which is a constant factor to deal with. Moreover in the near future specialists will need to use other ways of communication with more focus on understanding and empathizing with the patient and colleagues with new on-line techniques.

MSM got a number of commendations on its vision and innovative approach for healthcare management from the congress participants. MSM looks forward as a result to welcoming a number of new German surgeons as candidates in our Executive MBA in Healthcare Management and in the EXPERT program.

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